Teresa Fanska

I began sewing at an early age while playing with dolls.  My Barbies wore lots of ponchos with yarn for belts. Next came the crazy outfits during my college days.  Mom said, “tsk” when I came home one weekend wearing a jacket made from a chenille bedspread.  My maternity dresses, mother-daughter holiday taffeta plaids, Easter coats, play clothes, prom gowns and even a large balloon shade with a pulley system to raise and lower followed.


I  was lucky enough to grow up with a sewing mom and wonderful Home-Ec teachers, who, in those days, had us sewing  corduroy jumpers and throw pillows.   Yes, complete with zippers.


While family and a teaching career kept me busy, there was always a project.  How about the 42 choir robes for the children's choir that Christmas?


I now sew reversible wrap dresses for little girls. One style, but the 100 fabrics I have in my home sewing workshop keep things vibrant and fun. My 2 year old business is what I call my “retirement gig,” having taught middle school for 35 years.


I hope to one day teach my 3 little granddaughters how to sew. We've already started with large buttons on burlap.  Oh, the fun we'll have creating!


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