Sally Rothenhaus

People say I see things differently, but I feel that each of us sees things in our own unique way. Photography is my attempt to share my particular view and experiences. Wanting to use more of my photos to tell stories both broader & more specific in scope, I began building a portfolio for my business, cShoresal, which eventually led me to making extraordinary birdhouses, accessories, and art panels in my Old Saybrook studio. My work is characteristically rich in colour, shows very clear details, and is very durable.


All of the items I make for cShoresal's line of 'Art for Outdoor Living' are designed for an outdoor setting that is beautiful and fun. The metal on the birdhouses is license plate metal, complete with UV stabilizer & ready for whatever your great outdoors will dish out, whether that's your back yard, camp site, boat, patio, porch, or even a favorite spot inside to bring the outdoors in.


I enjoy putting my photography and designs to use, as well as works by artists who have inspired my photography, gardening, or interactions with the natural world. I also do custom photo shoots or work with your images to create very special and personal custom designs. Much has changed since my early days of making medical alert dog tags using fun-to-wear images! But one thing hasn’t changed; my connection to the natural world and commitment to having beauty in functional objects.


Visit my cShoresal website Contact me at or 860.341.2289.

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