Peter, whose first love and career centers around libraries, reading, and the world of books, is a relative newcomer to the world of stained glass. He truly believes that each person has many individual talents that they have yet to discover and that the world of books can help one discover and initially develop those interests and talents. Once Peter began to explore the world of stained glass it did not take him long to be become totally lost in that seductive medium.


Having taken instruction from a variety of accomplished glass artists, Peter is consumed by the varying personalities that glass reveals in ever changing light. His creations range in style and design from the simple, to the traditional, to the whimsical and fanciful.  He continually uses combinations of glass, color, and design that play off of one another, drawing the viewer into another world.


Peter, formerly a member of the Noank Foundry Artisans group, is a member of the Connecticut River Artisans Cooperative located on 55 Main St. Essex, CT. He invites you to stop by and discover unique creations.


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