Joyce Morgan

 I discovered the power of crystals and gemstones when I became a Reiki Master* in 2008. The master healer of all is Quartz Crystal. I use crystal infused water when I paint. By placing a quartz crystal into water, its energy is infused into the water. I find that my creativity is enhanced and that my paintings are more free flowing when using this crystal infusion.

I also make gemstone jewelry. Each of my jewelry pieces is made with the intention of bringing happiness and well-being to the wearer. Each piece has a tag identifying what crystals and gems were used and some of their metaphysical properties; if you are drawn to certain stones, there is a reason!

Creating brings me so much happiness and serenity. I hope is that those feelings of happiness and serenity are passed on to all of you.  That is why I sign my pieces “reJoyce”.


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