June 13 ~ Al Fresco Thursday ~ Open until 8pm.  Preview of “Ava’s Panes”.

These and others will be sold beginning June 14.

Ava’s Fight and Our Drive to Help

In December 2017, right before Christmas, 15-year-old Ava was diagnosed with Leukemia. Ava and her family entered a fight with the disease that they’re still in the midst of today.

Ava’s Wishlist for CCMC (Connecticut Children’s Medical Center) was started by Ava shortly after she was diagnosed and after spending many days in the hospital. She noticed that not much existed for teen and young adult patients.  She wanted to change that so she developed a wishlist which has provided CCMC with many items for this age group, from activities to keep busy to comfort items.  Now she is collecting items for families and patients, like a survival kit for unexpected admissions to the hospital.

The Wishlist is not for her per se, but that’s Ava!  She LOVES doing this for her hospital that has done so much for her.

Mark LaVoie, whose daughter is best friends with Ava, was inspired by her strength. He realized that his family-owned-and-operated company, Advanced Window Systems, LLC (AWS), could do something to help children and families like Ava’s.

Old window panes are donated to artists, the artists give them new life as art, the art is sold and money is contributed to CCMC for Ava’s Wish List.

Connecticut River Artisans is proud to be part of this wonderful project.

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